Weird Instructions

I know this isn't really more handy facts, but I smile every time I read these, so I had to share them with you. The "Confirmation" section is the best: if it isn't working, you lose all your data!


Model:001 SIM Card Information Backup Machine


SIM card backup machine is a novel convenient hi-tech product. It can very conveniently backup telephone directory information of all kinds of SIM card to backup machine. It can also easily copy telephone directory informatino saved in backup machine so SIM card.


  1. If there is PIN code protection in SIM card, firstly need to relieve it on the mobile phone, and then begin to backup.
  2. Directed by the mark, insert SIM card, at this time, if the Indicated Lamp can't be turned on; or then begin to the process of of inputting or outputting, the situation still exists (Indicated lamp can't be turned on) which shows it is an invalid SIM card or there is no electricity power in battery.
  3. Input (backup)
    Press B key, the system will input (backup) information of SIM card to Backup Machine. During the course of it, green indicated lamp will be slow flash until fiinish; When the information reachs to 250, Red indicated lamp will be turned on. If press B key again, then bein to cover (replace) the matched space in the backup machine. If needn't cover, needn't press B key.
  4. Output (Copy)
    Press R key, the system will output (copy) information of backup device to SIM card. During he course of it, green indicated lamp will be slow flash until finish. When information reachs to 250 in SIM card, red indicated lamp will be turned on. If press R ey again, then begin to conver (replace) matched space in SIM card. If needn't cover, dont' need to press key again.
  5. In the process of inputting and outputting, red indicated lamp flashes fast which shows that there is something wrong. Indicated lamp will automatically go out after 12 seconds, at this time, please stop operating, and refer to the matched solve meathods in the back. If red indicated lamp directly flashes fast during the process of slow flash which shows tthere are no electricity power in battery.
  6. Cancel information in backup machine: insert SIM card, press R, B key at the same time, when red indicated lamp turns on show finish of cancel. ( No SIM card, never cancel any informaation in backup machine no matter which key you press.


The backup machine only can backup names and telephoe numbers saved in SIM card instead of those in mobile phone. Please firstly shift information of mobilephone to SIM card, then backup (copy) them to the device.

Can backup(copy) information of several SIM cards simultaneously until 250, then you can choose to replace or not.


If users want to konw if backup information successfully, you can cancel communication records in mobilephone, then shift the backuped information to SIM card, if the records cancelled appear again shows backup process is successful.
[if they don't appear again, you've lost all your data!]
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